[Owner] Certaininbound posted Dec 3, 18

Tis' the Season to get festive!

This month be on the look for some of our new holiday features. Be sure to join the server every day this month to receive a unique prize that is only available for one day with /adventCalendar as we count down the days until Christmas.

Killer Snowman!?!?

Snowman now spawn randomly and attack hostile mobs automatically, so now you can use them as your personal body guards to stay safe.

Gift Chests

You can now create public or private gift chest. Type in [gift] on the first line of a sign on a chest. This will create a chest that is available for anyone to loot. To create a Private Gift Chest write [gift] on the first line, and player name on the next line. You can have up to three that will be able to loot the chest.

Winter Events!

Coming soon due to 1.13 staff are limited to the range of events we can setup but we will do our best to Host a Few Official Events this holiday season check back soon for posting about upcoming events or provide event ideas in the server suggestions.

Thank you,to everyone who participated in the build competition!!!!

TroyFarmer gg! shout out to everyone who participated
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