Congratulations Winners!!!!!!!!

[Owner] Certaininbound
Certaininbound @ RedHill
posted Oct 13, 18

Thank you,to everyone who participated in the build competition!!!!

TroyFarmer @ RedHill
gg! shout out to everyone who participated

1.13 Update

[Owner] Certaininbound
Certaininbound @ RedHill
posted Oct 1, 18

October 5-7th

1.13 Update

RedHill will be closed for 1.13 Aquatic Update.Depending on how many bugs or issues arise this time estimate may be shorter or longer.Remember to put all items in a chest before this date,this includes enderchest inventory+ armor you are wearing.The server may have some unexpected bugs so please be aware that upon reopening the server may be laggy. The Build Competition will be extended to Friday.

Changes to Expect:

*Dragon Crate will no longer spawn 4 crates

*Dragon Keys will come in Stacks of 4

*All set homes will be deleted

*Survival World,Nether,End will be RESET

*Current claim blocks "should" be saved

*Small tweaks to Ranks

*There is a small know bug with sending tpa,msg and other commands to players you will have to type their full player name.

*Avoid shift-clicking the crate with keys in your hand this creates lag.

*There will some bugs with the crates please do not spam staff. Please report bugs in the bugs section of the forums and check to see if the bug has already been documented.

Do not purchase items from the donation store during or after the update, All items in the donation store will have to be converted to a 1.13 model and this will take a few days.

*Events will be pushed back to possibly the end of the month

Side Notes:

No one probably cares but just in case someone does.I am going to be in the process of hopefully moving this week/next week.And a Certain someones birthday is this month on the 22nd.

Kangus_Capoodles How long until the servers come back online
KatevanDis472 @ RedHill
what version is it? 1.13 or 1.13.1? also please read my tread about datapacks
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