January News

This month will be a maintenance month...Yay!!!... You may notice a few bugs but don't be alarmed most will be fixed shortly.During the month I will be closing the server for a day to maintenance and iron out all the bugs on the server and add possibly add a few new features that have been asked about.Not sure when this day will be I'll be sure to announce it.Please bear with staff and address any new bugs in the correct section on the *forums*. If you address bugs in game they may ge over looked or forgotten about. The vote crate will be updated towards the end of the month so if you have any crate item suggestions or player themed reward items please leave suggestions.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Join us as we celebrate the Holidays with events,prizes, and cool loot! The Advent Calendar is back this month type /ac to claim your gift each day this month until Christmas. Are you in a festive mood? Come to /warp Holiday and build your winter dream home.Make sure to add a chimney big enough for Santa to fit, who knows he might just leave you a present under your tree. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming events.

ceehutch Any way you could raise the Z limit for the holiday warp? I need about an extra 15-20 upwards to complete my build :c
Zombie_Hacker When you pay for the Plot OF land, is it One time only, or do you pay for each day? Just Asking. -Samprix
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