A new Event town has been built and fall festivities are taking place! The towns people are chaotically trying to complete there chores before the harvest festival approaches, but something isn't quite right in town... Maybe You can help get the town back in order before the festival starts!

Event Duration

The event will be held from October 1st to October 31st. To join this event go to ./warp EventTown and start exploring!

Important Things to Know:

*Keep Inventory and XP are enabled in the EventTown.You will NOT lose items if you die in the event region.

*Any bugs & exploits must be reported. Anyone Caught taking advantage of such things will be banned.

*The quest Npcs are shopkeepers scroll through the shop options to find out what they need and want for the quest

*Some Areas have a cool down on respawn times. If mobs aren't spawning please wait 3-5 minutes for the mobs to respawn.

*Your event inventory is shared with your survival inventory.Make Sure you have space for your rewards!

*Most quests are fairly easy. This is the first time I have tried something like this.

*Have fun!

Quest Npc Starts:

1. Farmer Ben- x:3414 z:1766
2. Parade Horse Fiasco- x:3345 z:1942
3. Shepard's Sheep- x:3431 z:1887
4. Order Up!- x:3283 z:1885
5. A special Announcement- x:3299 z:1815
6. Peculiar Pumpkin- x: 3183 z:1679
7. Salty Shipping- x:3307 z:1629
8. Special Delivery- x:3357 z:1683
9. Conjuring Conundrum- x:3416 z:1720
10. Till death do we part?!?- x:3469 z:1657
11. A drunken mistake?- x:3306 z:1718
12. A Journey to Enlightenment- x:3486 z:1779
13. Living on a prayer?- x:3314 z:1876

Special Thanks

@ Gavin_U- Custom Mobs and Command Block Magic
@ Bigsisterkt- Grave Yard Walls
@ Linkle123- Farm House Interior
@ Reloadabl3- 1st Ship Interior
@ Poultrygheist - Test Subject/Building Helper/Warden
@ Vecca_- Tower Interior


Welcome to RedHill 1.12!

We have a ton of new features for you to check out! RedHill now has Custom Pets, with these pets you will be able to train, feed, ride, and level them up! The higher the level the more new skills your pet can gain! For more info on pets check out our new Wiki. Most warps and hubs have been remolded to better suit players needs. Want to get to the New world? Just do /spawn and then you can walk or use /rtp to explore the new world.(Using /rtp will now only teleport your around the new map) Getting to your old home is easy too just use your set home. 

New Features:

  • Custom Pets
  • New Spawn/Hubs (to get to old spawn /warp old spawn)
  • New ShopTown (Use /warp oldshop to get to the old shops)
  • Nether Has been Reset
  • End has been Reset
  • New Blaze Farm
  • New End Farm
  • Weather Vote (Tired of rain? RedGold+ can start a vote to change the weather) /wv /wvyes /wvno
  • New Vote Reward Milestones
  • New Emotes

Coming Soon:

  • New Donation Rank
  • New Donations items (Pet Packs)
  • More!!!!!!

If you notice any bugs or problems because of the update please report those bugs over at our forum page.

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