Summer Build


July 8th- July 30th

This weekend commencing the Saturday 8th of July RedHill will be holding a Summer Themed building competition! The general idea of this is to find passionate and outstanding buildings amongst our community as well as having a fun time, and I mean hey, who doesn't like the chance to win cool items! The general rules of this competition are to build something creative and unique that represents summer time to you! To enter in this completion go to /warp comp and find a empty plot use /plot claim to grab a plot.


  1. One Entry per Person(This is a solo build comp)
  2. Must be original builds(Do not copy builds from google or youtube ect)
  3. Do not ask staff to look at your builds


  1st Place
Dragon Crate Key
Special Head
x20 RedHill Crate Keys
x5 Event Head Vouchers

2nd Place
x10 Crate Keys
x2 Event Head Vouchers

3rd Place
x5 Crate Keys
x1 Event Head Voucher


Entries will be judged on three major criteria:

    Difficulty - How difficult is the project to build?
    Authenticity - How unique is the building? How original are your designs?
    Detail - How detailed is the build?

Server Version is Fixed 1.11.2

As you all have probably seem 1.12 was released! Unfortunately we will not be updating immediately many of our plugins still need to be update to 1.12. There is no estimated date on the update but i will keep you posted it all depends on how fast the plugin developers are. As you can imagine updating the server always causes a few bugs... for example certain farms like to stop preforming due to the updates. If any of you are interested please make and send me new versions of mob farms. End Farm,Blaze, Guardian.

If you are more into building feel free to send me hub ideas (please do not send ideas from youtuber builds). Main Hubs are Nether,End,Shop,Pvp Arena Hub/Arena.(I started quite a few arenas but was never happy with them).The theme is Medieval Fantasy with hints of oriental and nature. Block pallet is usually Stone Brick, Dark Oak, Spruce. (Do NOT use glowstone or sea lamps out in the open:Odd numbers:Symmetrical). Please keep in mind when building for me I'm very picky and I tend to change my mind on themes alot.

Anyone who submits or ideas or build will be rewarded innocent

(Disclaimer in case anyone was wondering about absense from the server recently.... I do not have internet. I'm not entirely sure when I will be able to afford it but I will do my best to keep up with server upkeep when I can.)

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